Balfour’s Bald Eagles

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Bald Eagles

The Klickitat is a fine summer steelhead river in the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge.

An area along the western bank of the Klickitat, now owned by the U. S. Forest Service, once belonged to England’s Lord Balfour.

Lord Balfour would be happy to know the area is now a great place to spot bald eagles in the winter.

There is a small creek on the property which forms a canyon where salmon spawn. The spawned-out salmon carcasses are viewed by the eagles as a fine dining opportunity.

On the first weekend of the new year I visited the area on a sunny, springlike day. After reaching the stream area I counted a handful of bald eagles. Most of them were sitting in trees, but some were flying in the attempt to find more salmon to dine on.

It’s truly amazing when you consider when I was a young lad only 487 nesting pairs of Bald Eagles remained in the lower 48 states.

Immature Bald Eagle

Golden-crowned Sparrow (one of my favorites)

Remains of an old bridge across the Klickitat River

Silhouette of a Bald Eagle lifting off

A grumpy Blacktail Deer nearby

Oak Gall

Silhouette of a Bald Eagle on the fly

Salmon spawning area






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  1. Great pictures and info on the area.

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