Early January Hike around Henry Hagg Lake

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Henry Hagg Lake

The  cold and crisp early January morning was enhanced by sunshine and blue skies.  The leaves crunched under my boots as I hiked the eastern foothills of the Coastal Mountains.

The 14-mile up-and-down trail traveled around Henry Hagg Lake, the impoundment behind Scoggins Valley Dam.

There are five creeks flowing into the 2 1/2-mile long reservoir, providing outstanding habitat for song birds, migratory wild fowl and deer.

I enjoyed the raucous honking of Canadian Geese as I meandered along.

Savoring the six-hour trek, I marveled at the beauty of my surroundings.

Early morning sunshine on Henry Hagg Lake

Road crossing the earthfill dam

Frosty Maple Leaf

The trail is very muddy and slick in places

Early morning sunshine filtering through the Oaks and Sword Ferns

Stimpson Lumber Mill below Henry Hagg Lake

Lots of mountain bikers ride the trail too

Large Oak tree by the trail







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  1. Enjoyed this brisk early morning hike, John. The morning sunshine is prominent, and lovely, and the beauty of the lake and surrounding landscapes is wonderful. I especially like the photo of the sword ferns and forest with the morning sun. Always a joy to vicariously join you on these Oregon hikes.

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