Balfour’s LBJs

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The Klickitat is a fine summer steelhead river in the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge.

An area along the western bank of the Klickitat, now owned by the U. S. Forest Service, once belonged to England’s Lord Balfour.

There is a small creek on the property which forms a canyon where salmon spawn. The spawned-out salmon carcasses are viewed by the eagles as a fine winter dining opportunity. But, by mid-March the eagles had left.

I visited the area on a sunny, springlike day. There were many LBJs to be seen (Audubon speak for little brown jobbers – – – hard to identify, small birds).

To my surprise, there was still some snow on the ground and no wildflowers in bloom. By the end of March there will be many a colorful wildflower to be seen.

Townsend’s Warbler

Ponderosa Pine cone

Golden-crowned Sparrow

McCall Point across the Columbia River

Spotted Towhee

Fence above the creek

Oak leaf in the snow

A snowy look across the Columbia River Gorge

Immature Bald Eagle






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  1. I thought that this was going to have something to do with former president Lyndon Johnson.


  2. What a beautiful Warbler and Towhee! I also love the way the snow is melting near the fence. Love it. Would have loved to have seen the wildflowers in bloom! I have yet to see that at the Raintree, Mt Charleston.


  3. What a great find. I love this post. Wonderful photos. Anything bird or nature related is a goldmine.


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