Catherine Creek in late Winter

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On a mid-March day after visiting the Balfour area, I headed west to explore Catherine Creek.

Like Coyote Wall, the area is a tilted basalt formation extending a few miles north of the Gorge, rising to around 2,300 feet above sea level.

There was too much snow to hike to the high natural arch carved out of the basalt cliffs. Instead, I stayed in the lower area.

There were many purple grass windows in bloom scattered in various areas. And, salt & pepper parsley were also easily spotted.

I took my time and soaked up the sun while taking wildflower photos.

Afterwards I took a drive up Courtney Road near Coyote Wall, spotting many blacktail deer feeding in the snow.

Mt. Hood

Grass Widow

Blacktail Deer

A classic rock-filled anchor for a barbwire fence

Salt & Pepper

Small pond in a glacial-scrubbed depression

Blacktail Deer feeding in the snow (only one has spotted me)

Grass Widow

Looking down the Columbia River




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  1. Great pics John! We are inspired.

  2. I don’t know, I think the second deer is on to you as well. She is just a bit more cagey (regarding the Black-Tailed deer).

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