Burdoin Mountain: Best Views in the Columbia River Gorge?

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Burdoin Mountain

The Kreps Family owns a large cattle ranch north of Bingen, Washington. They are kind enough to open their property to hikers.

In late April, and with the promise of some sunny weather, I drove to the trailhead. It’s located at roughly 400 feet above sea level near the White Salmon Hospital.

I was looking forward to hiking the 8 1/2-mile lollipop loop, passing over the summit of 2,300-foot Burdoin Mountain.

And, what a fine hike it turned out to be. Wild turkeys and bunnies were out, joined by many early wildflowers in bloom.

The summit area is relatively flat and mostly open. The views down the Columbia River Gorge stretched from the Hood River Bridge far to the west.

Truly an enjoyable adventure. It remains one of my favorite spring outings.



Old Ponderosa in a sea of Desert Parsley

A “pinto” Blacktail Deer

Looking down the Columbia River Gorge from the summit of Burdoin Mountain


Green Angelwing Butterfly

Mt. Adams

Calypso Orchid

Heading up to the summit

Mt. Hood from summit of Burdoin Mountain

Ponderosa Pine “candles” (new growth)

Desert Parsley

Hood River Bridge


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  1. John

    Do you have a GPS track for Burdoin Mountain?

    thank you Martin


  2. Great post as usual, John, thank you. I hiked there about six weeks ago and found the new logging roads and deforestation detracted from the hike I used to love. Did you take a route that avoided them? Or do things look better in the spring than they did when I went. The summit was as wonderful as usual.

    • It has changed over the years. Logging has opened up some of the sections, and there are more logging roads now.
      But the bottom sections and the summit area remain grand. And, it always helps to have lots of pretty wildflowers.

  3. Wow! I must take this hike one day. Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Majestic views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. The view of Hood Bridge could give one a sense of looking down upon the cogs of life while unnoticed. Amazing photos, John. Thank you for sharing!

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