Hiking in the Tualatin Hills

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Tualatin Hills

A sunny day. A good time for a four-mile hike in the nearby Tualatin Hills Nature Park.

Early wildflowers were in bloom, including four varieties of lilies. And, with its remarkably diverse habitat of wetlands, forests, ponds and streams, there were small birds and squirrels to be seen.

The trails were in good shape and led to many interesting viewing areas.

Walking back to the car, I enjoyed the lilting melodies of the many songbirds along the trail.

Camas Lily

Pond along the trail

Candy Flower

Nice stretch of trail


Great Blue Heron

Avalanche Lily blowing in the wind


Bewick’s Wren (from a previous sunny visit)

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  1. The candy flower has an candescent quality to it. It really stands out. I love the avalanche lily – the wind makes it look as if it were dancing. Beautiful, John!

  2. As I have previously commented, Great Blue Herons are awesome!

    Regarding birds and their singing, here in Vegas I maintain a bird bath and feeders. Somehow I have attracted this crazy flock of birds that have a real jaunty attitude and love to sing and carry on; except they are horribly confused and only do so at night.

    I still love them though.

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