Columbia River Gorge Wildflowers

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Hardy Ridge

In my previous post I highlighted a hike to Phlox Point, the summit of Hardy Ridge in the west end of the Columbia River Gorge.

There were many wildflowers in bloom, too many for one post. In this post I highlight the colorful wildflowers seen along the trail.

There were honeysuckles, tiger lilies, orange columbine, nodding onion, penstemon, larkspur and daises to be seen.

At least four varieties of butterflies were flitting from wildflower to wildflower, and several hummingbirds were doing the same.

It’s easy to see why the Columbia River Gorge is famous for its colorful wildflowers.

Tiger Lily

Nodding Onion

Orange Honeysuckle

Oregon Sunshine

Blue Field Gilia

Wildflower Garden



Mock Orange

Orange Columbine






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  1. Love your flower pictures. Do you carry a field guide with you?

    • Thanks Spencer.
      Generally, I can identify most of the wildflowers spotted in the Pacific Northwest. However, many of them have multiple subspecies which I don’t necessarily recognize.
      Penstemons are a great example. They have endless subspecies it seems.
      I haven’t carried a field guide in a long while. Like many things, once you learn to recognize the first five to ten wildflowers, the next ones begin to become much easier to identify.

  2. How vibrant! I love how the names describe the flower, such as “Nodding Onion.” My favorites of this post are the “Oregon Sunshine”, the “Mock Orange” (although I must admit I’m a bit confounded by the name), and the “Orange Columbine.” What breath-catching beauty to gaze upon! Always look forward to what your posts will bring. 🙂 Thank you, John!

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