A Return to one of the Great Alpine Destinations

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Ingalls Lake

On the bucket list of great alpine hikes in the Pacific Northwest, Ingalls Lake is a jewel.

It’s a deep blue, ice cold tarn in a glacier-scrubbed, polished brown rock basin below the red-slab cliffs of 7,700-foot Ingalls Peak. And, looming over the lake are the dark granite walls of 9,500-foot Mt. Stuart.

On an early August day I began the 3,000-foot elevation hike. It was a cold, windy and cloudy morning. If this keeps up I thought to myself, I’m not going to see any of the amazing views nor have good light to take photos.

I was rained on at times, but the sun would break through every once in a while. And, I got a little luck. As I sat down by Ingalls Lake, the peak of Mt. Stewart broke through the clouds for a few minutes.

But no matter the weather, of all alpine destinations, Ingalls Lake remains one of my favorites.

Mt. Steward over Ingalls Lake


Lower trail


Stormy View down the Ingalls Creek Drainage

Colorful Wildflowers

Ingalls Peak above Ingalls Lake

Lewisia (?)

Upper trail to Ingalls Pass

Mt. Stewart from Headlamp Basin

Into the Wilderness

Mt. Stuart behind Ingalls Lake (taken a few years ago on a much nicer day)








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  1. Very majestic and beautiful for sure.

  2. Love seeing a bit of the wind create ripples across the lake. I personally love stormy days but I can see where it could make a hike more challenging. However, you did an amazing job capturing the storm clouds above the peaks and I’m thankful for that. These kinds of days are good for introspection, thinking, and they do bring a bit of peace with them, as well (for me). Beautiful wildflowers and what an adorable Pika peeking out! Thank you, John!

  3. Ingalls Lake is magnificent! I had never heard of it, but am adding it to my bucket list. You captured it beautifully, and even got a picture of the elusive pika! I often hear them but have only once seen one. Cute little guy!

  4. Very Nice ! I live in Wenatchee and spend most of my time in Central – North Central Washington. Good times !

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