A Hot but Interesting Hike to Kachess Ridge

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Thorp Lake

I had heard about Thorp Lake and Thorp Mountain over the years, but had never hiked to either. Early in August I decided to hike to an overlook of Thorp Lake on Kachess Ridge, and maybe continue on to the lookout site on Thorp Mountain.

It was a very hot day as I began the hike out of the Knox Creek Basin on steep, exposed slopes. To add to the distance to hike, I had parked one-half mile down from the trailhead because the access road was so rough.

After a couple of miles I reached the Kachess Ridge Trail. In one-quarter mile the Thorp Lake overlook was found. It was a pretty spot at 5,300 feet. The lake was about 500 feet below the trail and Mt. Stewart was in the background.

It was a nice place to take a break and eat lunch. Since the sun was beating down, I decided to save Thorp Mountain for another day.

Thorp Lake

Police Moth (Bluebell Tiger Moth)

Thorp Mountain Lookout

Mountain Ash

Snowberry Checkerspot

Wildflowers along the Upper Trail

Mountain Parnassian

Lower Trail with Kachess Ridge above

A Mess of Snowberry Checkerspots

A long look down the Knox Creek Drainage





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  1. Those snowberry checkerspots are beautiful and all gathered together! Love the colors of Thorp Lake.

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