An Early September Hike along Siouxon Creek

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On a nice, late summer day I hiked in a hidden gem of an old-growth forest.

The trail followed the Siouxon (rhymes with Tucson) Creek for four miles before crossing a foot bridge. Soon I reached my destination, 50-foot Chinook Creek Falls, a lacy waterfall dropping over a rocky ledge.

The Trail along Siouxon Creek meandered through a beautiful rainforest with multiple waterfalls, many ferns, moss and lichen on the trees, a few scattered old-growth cedars and Douglas firs, and mature hemlock trees galore.

It makes for a very pleasant four-hour outing. The trail is wide, well-maintained and has no steep sections. Most of the time I was hiking near the crystal clear waters of Siouxon Creek.

I give the hike a big thumbs up.

Chinook Creek Falls

Chicken Mushrooms

Siouxon Falls

Morning light shining through Witch’s Hair Lichen

Early morning sunlight on the trail

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  1. Look at those beautiful falls! The hanging lichen! The chicken mushrooms remind me of an Alice in Wonderland for some reason. There is something magical about this place and these pictures. 🙂

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