Mt. Hood’s Timberline Trail Revisited

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Hood Meadows

As I wrote in a previous post, near the end of August I parked at the Elk Meadows Trailhead on the east side of Mt. Hood. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

After hiking by Umbrella Falls, I met the Timberline Trail which circles Mt. Hood. The 37-mile trail is rightly famous for its summer wildflowers and magnificent vistas.

I hiked north through the open meadows of the Meadows’ ski area before reaching Heather Meadows in the Clark Creek Canyon. The Newton-Clark Glacier and the summit of Mt. Hood were seemingly close enough to touch.

I hiked north to a wonderful overlook of the deep Newton Creek Canyon. Not long afterwards I left the Timberline Trail and returned to the Trailhead.

The following photos are all taken from the Timberline Trail on the east side of Mt. Hood.

Fellow hikers in a colorful wildflower meadow on the Timberline Trail

Timberline Trail passes through the Meadows ski area

Lots of wildflowers in bloom

Timberline Trail reaching the South Fork of Clark Creek

Your Humble Scribe on the Timberline Trail

The Timberline Trail approaching the North Fork of Clark Creek

The “fine” log bridge over the North Fork of Clark Creek

Nearing Heather Meadows

Into the Wilderness

Fellow hikers heading toward Newton Creek

Newton Creek (a difficult ford)

Lots of wildflowers to enjoy

Newton-Clark Glacier








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  1. Is this the trail we went on, John? I don’t remember the falls and I seem to remember a bit more snow on Mt. Hood but the rest looks very familiar. 🙂 Love the meadows. The next time we visit, a hike!

    • This is the same trail, but on the east side of Mt. Hood. We began our hike on the south side of Mt. Hood and went toward the west. The entire 37-mile Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood is a jewel.

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