McKenzie Pass, Lake Billy Chinook and More

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On a bright, sunny day on the east side of the Cascades, I decided to take a drive by Green Ridge to an overlook of Lake Billy Chinook.

I stopped often to explore the woods.

Near the Lake the landscape was dominated with juniper trees, a few ponderosa pines and plenty of sagebrush.

While hiking in an open area in the early afternoon with the sun shining, I spotted a large group of hoodoos with balancing rocks on top. A truly remarkable volcanic landscape.

On the way back I decided to drive to the top of McKenzie Pass. It’s always a good spot to see the Sisters and Mt. Washington up close.

Mt. Jefferson behind Lake Billy Chinook

Rock Observatory on McKenzie Pass

South Sister from McKenzie Pass

Black Crater

Mt. Washington from McKenzie Pass

Hoodoos above Lake Billy Chinook

Your Humble Scribe taking a break from wilderness hiking (picking up a wine shipment at Domaine Serene)




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  1. How did Lake Billy Chinook get it’s name? Who was he?

  2. Beautiful pics! What kind of wine? 🙂

  3. For what it is worth, the third image is actually Middle Sister. The large snowy area is the Collier Glacier. The peak on the fifth image is Mount Jefferson.

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