A Beautiful Autumn Hike to the Tarns below McNeil Point on Mt. Hood

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McNeil Point 

Pacific Northwest hikers wait with great anticipation for a warm summer day to visit a beautiful alpine area.

One of my favorite destinations is the McNeil Point area on Mt. Hood via Bald Mountain. Wildflowers of almost every color decorate the open meadows drawing dancing butterflies to their petals.

But there is also something magical about visiting the alpine areas in the autumn before heavy snow covers the meadows.

On an early November day I marveled at the stormy views of Mt. Hood’s summit over the ice-covered tarns below McNeil Point.

Another grand day in the Pacific Northwest!

A tarn below McNeil Point

Beargrass lining the trail with a large rounded rock polished by long-ago glaciers

Into the wilderness

Evidence of a large, recent avalanche below the summit of Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood from Bald Mountain

Tarn below McNeil Point

Bald Mountain Trail

Looking down on the clouds

Mt. Hood over a tarn below McNeil Point from a previous summer hike





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  1. Really enjoyed this autumn walk near McNeil Point, John. Your photos are fantastic, and you do a good job of showing all the different vistas and beautiful plants along the trail. While I liked all the photos, my two favorites were the Bald Mountain Trail on the side of the mountain; and the tarn below McNeil Point with the tree reflection.

  2. I love these. Isn’t it interesting how perspective and experience color perception? This a beautiful autumn hike for those in the NW but for those in the SW, this is a magnificent winter scene! Absolutely majestic the way the pristine snow carpets around the trees on one side of the slushy water. Thank you for sharing!

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