Pioneers and a Mt. Hood Wilderness Hike

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Twin Lakes

It was a cool, but sunny morning in early November as I drove to the 3,900-foot Wapinita Pass Trailhead south of Mt. Hood.

Heading north on the Pacific Crest Trail, I soon reached the turnoff for Lower and Upper Twin Lakes.

The lakes were pleasant as usual and covered with a thin layer of ice. Upon reaching Upper Twin Lake, there was a nice view of the summit of Mt. Hood reflected in the lake.

After leaving the upper lake, I continued on the 9 1/2-mile loop. The next stop was 4,450-foot Palmateer Point.

It didn’t take much of an imagination to see the settlers in their wagons passing underneath Palmateer Point to Barlow Pass, and the final descent to the Willamette Valley.

Mt. Hood from Palmateer Point

Typical sub-alpine, old-growth Mountain Hemlock forest (a wildfire ready to happen)

A thin sheet of ice on Lower Twin Lake

Early morning on the Pacific Crest Trail, always well maintained

Mt. Hood over Upper Twin Lake

Barlow Butte from Palmateer Point

Sunshine highlighting Beargrass along the trail

Barlow Ridge

Colorful wildflower garden on Palmateer Point on a previous summer hike




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