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Walking around the Oregon Zoo after sunset in December, we were treated to a dazzling display of more than 1.5 million lights. It’s always fun visiting the zoo in Portland, but the Zoolights are a whole new way to experience it.

We could have rode the popular lighted train, but it was a rainy evening. Other attractions were a carousel, local food carts and the opportunity for photos with Santa.

We spent several hours enjoying the spectacular displays of lights. It’s truly an amazing experience.

May you and yours have the most wonderful of holidays.

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  1. I scrolled slowly through these and muttered, “Wow.” I have never seen an aquarium scene created by lights, what a remarkable feat! Each scenario is fun, with the cool cats band, the gorilla on the train, the safari, the jungle. And that giant butterfly! The colors are so vibrant, the scenes so fun. And your photos are also delightful, John, not easy to do this in the dark of night. Thanks for taking us to the Portland zoo. I think it’s become a great way to celebrate the holiday and wildlife, through these light shows. Happy Holidays, my friend.

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