A Rainy Day on the Maple Trail

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Forest Park

In mid December I returned to the Maple Trail in Forest Park. It poured down rain as I hiked the eight-mile loop, including a section of the Wildwood Trail.

The Park is the premier urban forest in the nation, covering over seven square-miles of semi-natural forest.

I have been watching old reruns of Grimm lately. I noticed that he and his merry band seem to be very successful at capturing evil shape-shifting Wesen in Forest Park, especially on rainy days.

I didn’t spot any Wesen, but I did see lots and lots of green – – – ferns, Douglas firs and moss-covered maple trees.

When all the higher elevation trails are covered in snow, Forest Park is a great place to visit, and another feature of Portland that makes it a fine place to live.

A wet day on the trail

I’m in the center of Forest Park

Sword Ferns lining the Wildwood Trail

A muddy Trailhead

A foggy Wildwood Trail

Sword Ferns covering the forest floor


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  1. I would happily tromp along this trail! This would have been an introspective day as I wandered along. Grimm is a pretty cool show.

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