Catherine Creek is a Wintertime Wildflower Delight

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On a sunny weekend in late winter I headed to the east side of the Columbia River Gorge to see if some colorful wildflowers could be spotted. My goal was to explore the Catherine Creek area in Washington about 65 miles from home.

Like Coyote Wall, the area is a tilted basalt formation extending a few miles north of the Gorge, rising to around 2,300 feet above sea level.

Shooting Star

Not having much time, I crossed the road from the parking area and did a short loop on a paved path past a small waterfall on Catherine Creek. I quickly began spotting purple grass widows and many other wildflowers. Several meadowlarks were serenading me along the way.

The trek made for a beautiful “spring” outing in early March.

Camus Lily

Raven on the watch

Grass Widows

Desert Parsley

An old corral along the trail

Yellow Bells (wild Lilies)

Wild Onion (?)

Naked Broomrape

Buttercup, Prairie Star and Saxifrage

An early morning look up the Columbia River

Arrow-leaf Balsamroot about to bloom

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  1. A complete joy to join you on this trail, John. Your wildflower finds were abundant, and photos are delightful, and I love learning some of these species which we do not have where I live. Knew nothing of grass widows, and they’re so pretty. Visiting the spectacular Columbia Gorge, seeing the river here, was a true heart-lifter. Thanks so much.

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