A Late Winter Preview of the Annual Tryon Trillium Fest

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Trillium Lilies

Soon there would have been the 40th Annual Trillium Lily Festival at the Tryon Creek State Park. It was cancelled this year do to the coronavirus.

Tryon is the only Oregon state park within a major metropolitan area, and is located a few miles southeast of home.


In mid-March sunshine was forming delightful dappled light on the forest floor. Bright white-flowered trilliums joined green ferns along every step of the trail.

Yellow skunk cabbages were pushing their way skyward in boggy areas, and burgundy salmonberry flowers were sprinkled on tall bushes in the drier spots.

The 6 1/2 mile loop hike through the Park was a true delight.


Nice stretch of trail

Song Sparrow

Indian Plum

Red-breasted Sapsucker

One of these days the small Cedar trees growing on the log will splash into the creek

Mature tree that began life on a nursery stump (the stump has look disappeared)

Dappled light on a footbridge



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  1. Great way to spend the day. Happy birthday, John.

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