Backyard Flora and Fauna During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Urban Exploring

During the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, I spent much time at home. On nice days the back yard was always inviting.

Watching the spring flowers come into bloom was a highlight.

Cottontail Rabbit

To my surprise, there was a cottontail that decided our grass was an ongoing treat.

Flowers in bloom and a wild critter, it always brought a smile to my face.

Be well.

Pear Blossoms

Portland is the city of trees


My Favorite Model’s green thumb in action

Red Rhododendron about ready to blossom





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  1. I enjoyed this stay-at-home outdoor adventure, John. Glad to see the rhododendrons are in fine form, lovely to see the cottontail too. All the trees and so much greenery. I always have a sweet chuckle when you call your wife your “favorite model.”

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