Enjoying a Beautiful Spring Day Hiking around Timothy Lake

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Timothy Lake

The promise of a beautiful day. Time to do some hiking.

I began at the edge of a large sub-alpine meadow south of Mt. Hood.

My first destination was Little Crater Lake, 100 feet wide, 45 feet deep and crystal blue to its very bottom where an artesian spring feeds the lake.

Little Crater Lake

Another one-quarter mile led to an intersection with the Pacific Crest Trail. Turning south, I began a clockwise 12-mile loop hike around picturesque Timothy Lake.

The magnificent view of Mt. Hood over Timothy Lake has been one of the iconic scenes of the Pacific Northwest for many a year and has adorned numerous magazine covers.

Conditions have to be just right to capture a “good” photo of Mt. Hood reflected in the lake. I was lucky on only two out of three requirements. The early morning sky was blue, the mountain was covered with fresh snow, but the wind was blowing a light ripple on the water. Even a slight breeze will blur the reflection from the lake.

Still, it makes for a nice five-hour hike. I enjoyed it immensely.

Mom Goose and her brood

Mt. Hood Reflected in Timothy Lake

Bead Lily and Mertens’ Coral Root Orchid

It’s common to see training exercises by the military in mountainous terrain

One of many large old-growth Doug Firs along the trail

Wind Flower, Western Rhododendron and Marsh Marigold

Hellebore (wild Lily)






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