Oak Island’s Bald Eagles

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Sauvie Island

On an early summer day we went to Oak Island for a nice hike.

Located nearby on Sauvie Island, it’s a grand place to spot songbirds.

Even better, it has a bald eagle’s nest high in an oak tree near the trail.

Bald Eagles

The adults were guarding the nest. If there were eaglets, they probably were getting ready to fledge. We didn’t see any.

It’s always an interesting place to visit.

My Favorite Model

Sturgeon Lake (surrounds Oak Island)

Crab Apple and Moth Mullein

Berries and Bunny

Bald Eagles (trying out for the Blue Angles?)

Bald Eagles (from a previous hike on a nicer day)



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  1. Hi John, Not sure if you’ll see this comment, but I work as an assistant editor at a book publisher and one of our authors is hoping to use one of your photographs in the interior of his forthcoming book. I’m not able to find any contact information for you other than your blog here, so forgive me for leaving a comment! If you get this, please feel free to reach out to me at tportnowitz@prh.com

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