Rain and More Rain: Not a Target-rich Environment for a Photographer

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Hamilton Mountain

On a cool, windy and rainy morning, I parked at the Hardy Ridge Equestrian Trailhead in Beacon Rock State Park. My goal was to hike to the summit of Hardy Ridge.

I began an ascent mostly on old logging roads on the east side of the mountain. After about 1 1/4 miles the trail began heading to the north on an overgrown road. The grasses and brush were over my head along the trail. Due to the rain I was quickly getting soaked.

Foggy view from the saddle below Hamilton Mountain

I decided to turn around, stay on the open maintenance roads, and hike to the 2,100-foot saddle below Hamilton Mountain. Except for the constant rain, it was an enjoyable hike. Because of the weather I met only a handful of other hikers.

Of course, the views from the saddle were nonexistent. On a nice day they would have been some of the best ones in the Columbia River Gorge.

It’s a challenge, but it can be fun taking photos on a rainy day.

Indian Pipe

Nursery log

Cat’s-ear Lily, Phantom Orchid, and Mock Orange

Hardy Ridge Trail

Orange Columbine,  Salmonberry and Tiger Lily

Foggy “trail” to saddle

Columbia River from Hardy Ridge (taken on a previous hike on a much nicer day)






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