A Gorgeous Autumn Day at the Mt. Washington Meadows

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Mt. Washington

There was sunshine and crisp air at the Pacific Crest Trail trailhead south of Santiam Pass.

I was looking forward to a grand view of Mt. Washington at the 5 1/2 mile mark, and a great view it was. The western summit of the mountain dominated the horizon.

Mt. Washington Meadows

The next destination was exploring some large meadows. Elk and grouse tracks were scattered along the trail, but all I spotted were four or five blue grouse.

I hiked a ways into the woods on the flanks of the large volcano. The weather was so nice that I had stowed my down sweater in the daypack, and spent the rest of the time hiking in a flannel shirt.

A truly enjoyable day in the wilderness.

Big Lake in distance

Nearing Mt. Washington Meadows

The Sisters (only two contrails spotted due to COVID-19 causing huge reduction in flights)

Summit block of Mt. Washington

Three Fingered Jack in distance from the PCT (lots of blowdowns)

Early morning light on Mt. Washington from Highway 20 near Santiam Pass

Alpine Hemlock and Alpine Fir (dominant trees above 5,000′)

Old PCT sign and Into the Wilderness




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