A Great Autumn Hike to Canyon Creek Meadows

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Three Fingered Jack

In mid-Autumn I drove to Jack Lake a few miles east of Three Fingered Jack. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, nor a hint of a breeze.

I decided to hike into the upper meadows of the Canyon Creek Basin underneath the glacial moraine of the old volcano. The views were simply amazing in the crystal clear air.

Blue Grouse, a master of camouflage

After reaching the origin of Canyon Creek, I laid back in an open area. The jagged summit was only 1,800 feet above, highlighted by the streaks of red volcanic seams.

After dropping back to the lower meadows, I returned to the trailhead.

On the way back the trail passed through many burnt trees from a wildfire about a decade ago. Already many lodgepole pines were growing up, some taller than me.

What a nice way to spend the best of a day.

Mt. Jefferson

Three Fingered Jack rising above Canyon Creek Meadows

Fellow hikers (two and four legs)

Frozen pond near trail

Looking down the Canyon Creek Meadows

The Sisters from the road to the trailhead

Many blowdowns over the lower trail

Canyon Creek

Into the Wilderness

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  1. A most enjoyable hike through Canyon Creek Meadows, John. Capturing a look at a blue grouse is terrific, for they are so skittish. Studying your photo was the longest I’ve ever seen a grouse, a real treat. I also liked all the different landscapes close-up and far-away. I espec. liked the fifth photo, of the frozen pond. The frozen surface gave those beautiful shadows and light reflections. Thanks for taking us along on this hike.

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