Wapato Access Greenway Hike

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Sauvie Island

On a cool day with concrete skies in mid December, we drove to Sauvie Island, stopping at the Wapato Greenway Trailhead.

It’s always an interesting hike, going around marshy, wildlife-rich Virginia Lake.

Multnomah Channel

By autumn, the lake dries up and turns into a large grassy meadow. By mid December, it begins to refill.

A side trail visits Multnomah Channel where anglers try their luck in the Columbia River backwater.

There are always a good variety of birds to see. The sharp eyes of my favorite model spotted two bald eagles by the Channel.

A fun morning indeed.

Folks enjoying the Multnomah Channel

Multnomah Channel

Canada Geese in Virginia Lake

Bald Eagle high in a tree

Huge Cottonwood Leaf

Footbridge along the trail




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  1. Another fantastic hike, John, thanks for taking us along. The Columbia River backwater and channels are yet another gorgeous aspect of the Columbia River, and one that I never knew existed. I love what you found back there, between the boaters, the mist, and the birds. Great to see the bald eagle, wonderful spotting from your favorite model, and a healthy flock of Canada Geese. I laughed out loud at that gargantuan cottonwood leaf! I’m glad you had the shoe beside it. My thanks for this peaceful adventure.

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