A Hike through Columbia River Gorge History

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Weldon Wagon Road

Near Husum I found the beginning of the Weldon Wagon Road Trailhead. The  2 1/2 mile wagon road was created in the early 1900’s to haul apples from the upper tablelands to the White Salmon River for transportation to markets.

It was a cold, blustery day with concrete skies. I layered up and began climbing out of the valley floor. The old wagon road quickly ascended to an open white oak savannah environment. But, as I had anticipated, the heavy gusts of westerly winds were bone-chilling on the open, exposed slopes of the deep canyon.

Heading up the wagon road

At the end of the wagon road there was some old rusted farm equipment left there to capture a feel for the past.

Instead of turning back I ascended logging roads for a while to the north. Being grateful for respite from the cold wind, I took a break and enjoyed a snack.

Beautiful scenery, history to be experienced, a good workout and no other hikers – – –  it made one feel great to be alive.

The clouds beginning to break up

A recent deer track (likely a good-sized Blacktail buck from the looks of it)

Old farm equipment at the upper end of the trail

Looking down over the While Salmon River Valley

Lichen and Balsamroot

Blue skies arriving as I return to trailhead

A mature Ponderosa Pine growing among the Oaks

A description of the area

Heading towards the top

Just me at the trailhead






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