Deer and Coyote in the Eastern Columbia River Gorge

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The area from Mosier to the Rowena Plateau is a interesting place to visit and explore.

It is located in the east side of the Columbia River Gorge. Ice Age floods scoured much of the area, leaving thin soil and much oak savannah habitat.

Last year’s fawn foraging among the Oak Trees

In mid-winter of 2021 it was a joy to explore and take photos of the spring-like environment. Green grass had popped out in places, blacktail deer were browsing around the oak trees and there was even an old coyote hunting for mice.

Winter doldrums are almost now extinct.

Coyote hunting for a snack

White caps on the Columbia River (sign of heavy winds)

Kitesurfer on the Columbia River

Doe and last year’s fawn finding fun things to eat

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