Golden Sunflower Paradise

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As Good As It Gets

A beautiful day to break out the Nikon and take wildflower photos.

The slopes of the Memaloose Hills east of Mosier were alive with color.

Dramatic golds, purples, blues, reds, whites and yellows dotted the landscape.

The warm sunshine brought out the wonderful smells of the rich soils and fragrant flowers.

Mt. Hood from top of Memaloose Hills

The floral show was about as good as it gets, at least until the upper alpine meadows clear of snow later in the summer.

Paintbrush, Balsamroot and Columbia Desert Parsley

Hikers heading up the trail to top of Memaloose Hills

Mt. Adams

Ball-head Waterfeaf, Big-head Clover and Prairie Stars

Long look down the Columbia River from top of Memaloose Hills

Lone Oak Tree

Blue-eyed Mary, Glacier Lily and Larkspur

Naked Broomrape



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