From Majestic Mt. Hood to Turkey Vultures

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Mt. Hood

On a mostly cloudy late-May day, I drove to the southeast side of Mt. Hood. There was too much snow to hike, but the clouds, partially blue skies and fresh snow on the mountain made for an impressive scene.

Mt. Hood

After enjoying the changing views of the mountains as the clouds stacked into different shapes, I drove southwest to the Wildcat Mountain area.

While hiking a short distance on an old logging road, I spotted six or seven turkey vultures. There was clearly something dead nearby.

Sure enough, soon I found the mostly bare carcass of a large dog. It doesn’t take much time for buzzards to clean the flesh of dead animals. I suppose that is there place in the food chain of life.

One brazen buzzard set on top of a wooden power pole keeping a close eye on my every move.

What a day!

Turkey Vulture (a face only a mother could love)

Turkey Vultures and what brought them to the area

Still lots of snow at 4,000′




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