Oak Island Outing

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Oak Island is open again for the season. On an early June sunny day, we hiked around the Island.

Spotted Towhee

Located nearby on Sauvie Island, Oak Island is a grand place to spot songbirds and wildflowers.

We enjoyed seeing a couple of bunnies, and a young spotted towhee. I’m always amazed at their bright, orange eyes.

The wildflowers were beginning to bloom, throwing some sparkling colors along the trail.

Always a nice place to visit.

Trail leading through the Oak trees (the Island’s namesake)

Clover and Cluster Lily

Bunny, a little worse for the wear

A hazy Mt. St. Helens behind Sturgeon Lake

Wild Rose and Blackberry


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  1. Interesting photo of the trailHead. Love to learn the entomology of words.

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