Into the Wilderness: Owl Point

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Vista Ridge

In mid-August I parked at the very rough 4,500-foot trailhead for the Vista Ridge Trail on the north side of Mt. Hood. There were only two other vehicles at the parking area.

After hiking less than one-half mile, I reached the top of Vista Ridge. In all my early hikes in the area I had turned south and climbed to the Timberline Trail near Wy’East Basin.

Mt. Hood (lots of haze from wildfire smoke)

This day I turned north, hiking several miles to Owl Point at 4,930 feet. If there hadn’t been lots of haze in the air from wildfire smoke, there would have been a spectacular view of Mt. Hood.

A summit register was anchored to a stake for climbers to sign. Many summits have these registers. I have run into them many times over the years.

I took a slow leisurely hike back to the trailhead. A very nice hike indeed.

Sitka Mountain Ash Berries

Summit of Owl Point

Owl Point

Noble Fir Cones

One of several pretty meadows along the trail

A hazy Mt. Hood from Owl Point

Wildfire ready to happen

Into the Wilderness

Not many vehicles at the Trailhead

Mt. Hood from a previous hike in the Vista Ridge area




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