An Ideal Day in the Eastern Columbia River Gorge

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Columbia River Gorge

The Memaloose Hills lie east of the little town of Mosier, Oregon. It is across the Columbia River from the Catherine Creek Recreation Area.

In early spring the area is well known for its fields of colorful wildflowers.

Looking down the Columbia River from Memaloose Hills

In mid-September there were little to no wildflowers, but it was a fun day to be hiking nevertheless. There was sunshine, and in places there was a nice cool breeze.

The oak leaves and dry balsamroot crunched under my boots as I followed the trail. Deer tracks and black bear sign were commonplace.

At the higher elevations the views were far-ranging up and down the Columbia River Gorge.

I look forward to returning in the early spring when the wildflowers begin to bloom.

Oak leaves are beginning to pick up their autumn colors

Wild Tobacco

Memaloose Island in the Columbia River

A hazy Mt. Hood from Memaloose Hills

The higher Memaloose Hill from the lower one

Mt. Hood from Meadows (from the drive home)

Looking down the Columbia River Gorge from Memaloose Hills from a previous hike (the bench had been removed and the barbwire fence repaired on this September hike)

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  1. Great pictures John. We’ve done some hiking out there and I just love the area.

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