The Last 2021 Outing at Oak Island

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Sauvie Island

On a late September day we went to Oak Island for a nice hike. The Island is closed to recreation from October to mid-April to provide a sanctuary for migrating waterfowl.

And, sure enough, the sky was full of geese with their continual, raucous “cackling”. Also, several trumpeter swans were circling while making their deep, trumpeting calls.

I read once that when Lewis and Clark traveled through this area, they wrote the noise from the numerous birds was “horid” and kept them awake all night.

Oak trees picking up their autumn colors

We got caught in some light rain returning to the trailhead. Nonetheless, it made for a pleasant outing.

I’m looking to return in the spring to see bald eagles and many colorful songbirds.


Trail leading through the Island’s namesake

Blackberry leave’s fall colors

Trumpeter Swan

Sturgeon Lake

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