Roosevelt Elk in Their Prime

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Jewell Oregon

On a mid-winter, cool and rainy day, I drove to the Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area on the western slopes of the Coastal Mountains. It’s managed by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife to provide winter habitat and supplemental feeding for wild Roosevelt Elk.

A series of open pastures border a paved road, offering good views of up to 200 Elk during winter and spring.

I was fortunate enough to see two fairly large groups of Elk.

Herd Bull

A large herd bull was feeding reasonably close to one of the viewing areas. They are always a pleasure to see.

I always wonder how the big bulls make it through the hunting seasons. Then, I remind myself of how tough it is to bushwhack off the trails in the Coastal Mountains. The Elk are great at using it to their advantage.

One Cow spotted me

Pair of young Bulls


Young Bull


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