Warrior Rock on a Winter’s Day

It had been several years since I hiked to the north end of Sauvie Island, about 20 miles northwest of home as the crow flies. The south end of the 40 square-mile island is an agricultural area, but the north end is managed for wildlife.

It was 33 degrees with a light breeze as I donned my daypack. After hiking three miles along the sandy beaches and old roads, the 25-foot tall Warrior Rock Lighthouse was reached.

It’s Oregon’s smallest lighthouse, helping to guide river traffic on the Columbia River. Dating back to the late 1800s, it now operates with an automated beacon and bell. The original purpose of the lighthouse, as now, is to warn of a bedrock reef which projects into the Columbia River at the east tip of  the island.

Mt. Adams over the Columbia RIver

While hiking I was treated to tundra swans, songbirds, many Indian plums in bloom and shipping traffic on the Columbia River.

After walking past the lighthouse along the beach, I was rewarded with a nice view of the little town of St. Helens, Oregon.

Taking my time, I enjoyed the pleasant return hike to the Trailhead.

Warrior Rock Lighthouse

Golden-crowned Sparrow

St. Helens Oregon from the north end of Sauvie Island

Pleasant stretch of trail with Mt. St. Helens in background

Sandhill Cranes

Shell and Western Robin

Looking down the Columbia River

Mt. St. Helens over the Columbia River

Indian Plum




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  1. What a beautiful day. I’m so ready for Spring.

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