Up and Away on the Marquam Trail

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Council Crest

I decided to take advantage of a nice, but overcast day to do a four-mile loop hike from home to Council Crest. At 1,071 feet it is the highest point in the City.

Southwest Urban Trail no. 6 to the Marquam Trail was the first leg of the hike, marked by a colorful totem pole. This was the end of the easy first mile on paved streets and stair steps.

Then it was up and onward for the second mile to the top of Council Crest on on a mostly secluded trail.


There were many colorful varieties of native wildflowers in bloom along the Marquam Trail. And, some picturesque domestic flowers along the urban trail.

It always makes for a pleasant outing.

Council Crest



Salmonberry, Stream violet and Red-flowering Currant


Downtown Portland from Council Crest

Spring Flowers


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