The Eclectic Architecture of Portland Heights

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Portland Heights is very visible from Downtown Portland. Various City streets wind up the Tualatin Hills (or West Hills) past homes and greenways. The highest point is Council Crest, some 1,000′ above the valley floor.

There is an interesting mix of architecture in the area, from historic homes dating back to the late 1800’s, to mid-century ranches, to modernistic residences at the edge of the forests.

Trails lead in and out of the Marquam Nature Forest and Washington Park. The Oregon Rose Garden and beautiful Portland Japanese Gardens are close at hand too.

The eclectic nature is what draws me to hike and photograph in the Hills. One moment I’ll spot a horse ring in the sidewalk with a converted carriage house nearby, and the next moment there will be a new stilt home with a gorgeous view of the City.

A truly interesting place to visit.

One of the entrances to the Marquam Trail


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