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Oak Island

On a sunny day we went for an outing on Oak Island. Nearing an area that used to have an active bald eagle’s nest, we spotted a large bird in an oak tree.

As we got closer, it became apparent it was a turkey vulture (buzzard). I assumed there was something dead nearby, but never spotted or smelled it.

Once I was about 20 feet below the vulture it began to get nervous, readying for flight.


And, after taking a few photos, it took off for regions unknown.

Vultures are relatively common to see on the west side of the Cascades beginning in spring. They are large soaring birds with a wing-span of about six feet. As you can see, they have an overall dark plumage except for a silvery sheen on the undersides of the flight feathers. Adults, like the one in these photos, have small, featherless, red heads. Juvenile vultures have gray heads.





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