First Visit of 2022 to Oak Island

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Sauvie Island

Oak Island is open again for the season. On a warm and sunny day, we hiked the three-mile trail around the northern end of the Island.

Oak Island is located in the middle of Sturgeon Lake which is enclosed within Sauvie Island, one of the largest river islands in the country. It sits at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers just 10 miles northwest of downtown Portland.

Camas Lily

Oak Island is closed to public access for 5 1/2 months each year, reopening on April 15th.

It’s a grand place to spot songbirds, butterflies, wildflowers, and sometimes deer and other wildlife.

In mid-May we returned to Oak Island on a beautiful sunny day. It was a delight and we had it pretty much to ourselves.

Highlights were the early wild lilies in bloom, many songbirds a singing, egrets and a large turkey vulture.

A cloudy Mt. St. Helens across Sturgeon Lake

Wild Rose

Spotted Towhee

Mature Oak Trees, the namesake of the Island

Bitter Cherry blossoms


Small pond by trail

Egrets and a Mylitta Crescent Butterfly

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