Marquam Nature Park

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Council Crest

Marquam Nature Park is located in a gulch in the West Hills of Portland. The Park dates back to 1979. It has several miles of hiking trails, including part of the Marquam Trail.

The natural area includes many native plant species.  I particularly enjoy the wildflowers visible along the trails.


In late May I took several hikes in the area, ending up at Council Crest. At 1,071 feet it is the highest point in the City.

There is always an array of birds and animals to be spotted. On one of the outings, a coyote ran across a clearing in front of me. Sorry to say, it wasn’t interested in posing for photographs.

It’s sometimes easy to forgot that you’re in the city limits and not far from Downtown Portland.

Spotted Towhee “hiding” from me


Yes, even the Marquam Trail has blowdowns over it


Fairybell (wild Lily)

Summit of Council Crest

Bench along the Marquam Trail


Large native trees grow along the trail, including Douglas Firs

Wild Rose, Vine Maple Leaf and Madenhair Fern



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  1. You’re probably aware of how close the lower parts were proposed to be developed with multi family, but a small group of neighbors blocked it and were able to find the funds to help the city buy parcels or get them donated to the city, I got involved in some of the process . I remember when the only access up the ravine was walking up the sewer pipe. Any way, thanks for your blog!

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