Marquam Shelter and an Owl

Lately I have been taking some urban hikes in the Marquam Nature Park area. But, I hadn’t hiked down to the Marquam Shelter in quite awhile.

In early July I decided to remedy that. Adding a loop to my usual hike to Council Crest, I dropped down roughly one-half mile to the Shelter. It’s nicely maintained by volunteers, as is the Nature Park. To my surprise, I spotted a barred owl being harrassed by a crow and some songbirds. There’re always fun to see.

Barred Owl (or is it a Spotted Owl?)

Mosaic wall at the Marquam Shelter

From the Shelter it was about a 700-foot climb to Council Crest. Adding the extra loop made for an enjoyable outing.


Thimbleberry Berry and Flower, and a Salmonberry

Folks enjoying Council Crest


Spotted Towhee (what bright orange eyes)

Wildflowers along the Trail

Pioneer Woman Statute on Council Crest







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