The Days of Owls

Signs of fall are all around. As I explore the urban woods and surrounding areas near home, I’m beginning to see fallen leaves.

The colorful flowers, especially wildflowers, butterflies and little songbirds have mostly disappeared.

But, for the fourth time this summer and fall I spotted a barred owl. This one was at eye level about 12 feet off the Marquam Trail. Once I began taking photos, two stellar jays showed up and forced the owl to fly away.

I always enjoy the striking colorations of the barred owls.

Barred Owl

Fallen leaves on the Marquam Shelter Mosaic

Crow “guarding” a garbage can

A late bloomer

Song Sparrow


Gray Squirrels

Maple Leaf

A very flexible neck

Maple leaves fallen on the trail


A common occurrence in the Marquam Nature Park (these mature Doug Firs have very shallow roots and are easily blown over in heavy winds)

Ferns beginning to pick up their autumn colors

Song Sparrow

Dark-eyed Susan



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  1. Where did you see those owls? My wife would like to see them.


    • Almost any heavily wooded area on the west side of the Cascades is potential habitat.
      The barred owls I have seen relatively close this year have been at the Tualatin Hills Nature Park and Marquam Nature Park.
      They are fun to see.

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