Predator and Prey

It’s always enjoyable spotting coyotes and gray squirrels. Every once in awhile I see coyotes in neighborhood yards, and I often see both gray and pine squirrels. The squirrels seem to be about everywhere in early fall when they are burying nuts for wintertime food.

This day, hiking down into the Marquam Nature Park, I heard the distinctive Yip Yip Howl of a coyote. It was in the dense underbrush above me. I heard it several more times as I hiked down the steep trail. Soon I spotted it and then it disappeared.

To my surprise as I was taking a break at the Marquam Shelter, the coyote came out in the open. After spotting me it decided to jump back into the undergrowth going in the direction I was headed in. And, sure enough, I spotted it again as I was approaching the Marquam Trail on the way to Council Crest.

Autumn is always a magical time to be in the woods.

Coyote has spotted me

Gray Squirrel

Coyote is on the hunt

Gray Squirrel

A wary Coyote and a big one

Gray Squirrel


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