Happy Thanksgiving Day

By late November many of the leaves have fallen from the hardwood trees. On cold mornings they crunch under my feet.

The little gullies on the sides of canyons now have some running water due to the increasing rainfall. On sunny days the cold east winds are gusting on the exposed ridge tops. Numerous limbs are beginning to fall from the trees along the trails.

It’s a wonderful time to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Stellar Jay

A hazy Mt. Adams over Portland

Sun-dappled Marquam Trail

Well-camouflaged squirrel

Hazy Mountains: Hood and St. Helens

Enjoying the view from Council Crest

What any school kid in Oregon would have been able to identify at one time

Ice on the road, must be getting closer to winter

Conners Trail to the tram at OHSU

Storm clouds above Council Crest

Marquam Trail

Autumn leaves

Still a few domestic flowers in bloom








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  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, not just now but throughout the year. I especially liked the barred owls.

  2. Always a treat to get your wonderful, artful, positive, hopeful pictures and comments. We’re with relatives in Colorado; cold, dry, some sun, some snow in the forecast. Thankful for many many things. … John slocom NW Westover.


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