Coyotes are a Prowling

As I hike through the West Hills of Portland, I look for predators and their prey. More often than not, I spot crows, juncos, jays, sparrows and squirrels.

Less often a coyote will be seen in the shadows. But, this day I saw four coyotes out in the open. They were trotting along the street before dropping over into a deep canyon. 

I tried to convince them to pose for a “hero” photo (snarling at the camera) with no success. Nonetheless, they were fun to see and obviously in great shape.


Song Sparrow about ready to sing

Marquam Trail has lots of trees falling down over the trail in the winter (thankfully, a crew was hard at work keeping the trail open)

Crow with a tasty tidbit

Two coyotes on the prowl





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  1. Magnificent to see these robust coyotes, John, and also beautiful birds and trails. I especially enjoyed your first photo, affording time to admire this beautiful wild being.

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