Late Winter in the West Hills

It’s  moving toward late Winter and I’m beginning to see the signs of springtime in the West Hills of Portland. Heather and snowdrops are in bloom, and crocuses are beginning to spout. The songbirds are singing their lilting mating calls. Coyotes are yipping and howling in the densely forested canyons.

The weather is totally unpredictable. Some days its mid-40s and sunny, feeling like an early spring day. Other days, cold fronts dominate the scene and I put on down outerwear to stay warm.

It’s a great time of the year.

Gray Squirrel

Snowdrops and Heather

Bicyclist on Council Crest with Mt. Hood in background

Song Sparrow

A mossy stone wall

Spotted Towhee

Western Robin and a Crow

Song Sparrows

Wintery day on Council Crest
















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  1. Still lots of snow in New Brunswick but it will melt soon.

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