Songbirds of Portland’s West Hills

There are many signs of early springtime in the West Hills above Portland. One of my favorites is the cheerful and lilting sounds of small songbirds. As a photographer I look for the orange eyes of spotted towhees and the red heads of house finches in particular. 

There are also many colorful wildflowers coming into bloom in the densely forested canyons.

The weather, far from settled, shifts from sunshine, to rain squalls, to wintery mixes of snow and sleet. 

It’s a great time of the year, the songbirds are just icing on the cake.

House Finch

Western Robin

Muddy Marquam Trail

Stream Violet and Toothwort

Indian Plum

Spotted Towhee

Wooden stairs on Marquam Trail


Song Sparrow

Marquam Trail


Gray Squirrel

Dark-eyed Junco

Red-flowering Currant about ready to bloom








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