Cherry Blossoms at the Portland Japanese Gardens

The 5 1/2-acre grounds of the Portland Japanese Gardens are always a delight to visit. They are especially welcoming and peaceful in the springtime when the cherry trees begin to blossom.

The five separate gardens are considered to be the most beautiful and authentic outside of Japan.  It is always good for the soul to walk through the tranquil environment. The streams and small waterfalls are among our favorite urban settings. 

The Gardens were developed in 1963 as a symbol of healing. The grounds feature five separate garden styles, working in harmony to create a sense of peace. There is the Tea Garden with a stone walking path. The Strolling Pond Garden has a trail to Heavenly Falls. The Natural Garden has many trees and plants. The Sand and Stone Garden is a place for quiet contemplation. And, the Flat Garden, best enjoyed from the Garden’s pavilion, is reminiscent of a landscape portrait.

After an enjoyable visit to the Portland Japanese Gardens, we walked a short distance to the Portland International Rose Test Garden. The roses were all cut back and will not be blooming for awhile. But, the small songbirds and a hungry squirrel kept us entertained as we strolled through the gardens.

What a nice way to spend a springtime day.

Glass Exhibit

Hungry Squirrel










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