Marquam Nature Park Outing

Council Crest

I enjoy hiking in Portland Heights in the springtime. There are multiple marked urban trails. And, there is a 205-acre nature park nearby.

The hikes follow streets, public stairways, alleyways and trails through greenways.

On many days I do a six-mile hike following Southwest Urban Trails no. 6 and no. 1, the Broadway Connector Trail, the Sunnyside Trail, the Basalt Trail and the Marquam Trail. On the way I drop down to the Marquam Nature Park Shelter at 290 feet and then climb to Council Crest at 1,071 feet, the highest point in the City.

There is always a nice combination of domestic and wild flowers, birds and small animals to see. And, as the year unfolds, different flowers come into bloom. And, if I’m lucky, I can spot coyotes, deer and racoons.

Colorful rainbow over Portland

Song Sparrow


Dark-eyed Juncos and a Spotted Towhee

A squall moving in


Connors Trail

Stream Violet, Salmonberry and Toothworts

A bug enjoying a Toothwort

Council Crest


Portland from the West Hills

A Trillium patch






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