Robins, Cherry Blossoms and Redheaded Woodpeckers in the Tualatin Mountains

Portland West Hills

The Tualatin Mountains dominate the western skyline of Portland, Oregon. The mountains form the high ridge running from southeast to northwest, separating Portland from Beaverton and other cities of the Tualatin Valley to the west.

Much of the northern portion is undeveloped land within the 5,000-acre Forest Park. The landscape, both inside and outside the Park, is predominantly forested. Composed mainly of basalt, the mountains have many deep ravines to the east. These are mainly green spaces.

The entire area is a fun place to hike in the springtime. One of my favorites is nearby 205-acre Marquam Nature Park. Several miles of trails lead to 1,070-foot Council Crest, at the top of the Tualatin Mountains.

As I hike the trails, wildflowers are popping up, songbirds are singing their songs, butterflies are fluttering and the warm sunshine is bringing out the best in all.

Cherry blossoms on Council Crest

Camas Lily

Robin with a tasty morsel

Fringe Cup, Youth-on-age and Vine Maple

Totem Pole along the Marquam Trail

Young Western Robin

Cherry Trees in bloom

Stellar Bluejay

Marquam Trail

Downy Woodpecker

Pine Squirrel




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